Laurie Tannous

Laurie Tannous is a requested speaker at many trade and industry forums globally. Ms. Tannous has significant hands on experience assisting multinational corporations, foreign governments and industry associations with their business immigration, border security, trade, customs and regulatory compliance matters. 

She presently holds several concurrent strategic positions including: 

  • Special Advisor on Customs, Immigration, and Border Security to the University of Windsor’s Cross Border Institute, dedicated to research, education and public outreach related to the movement of people, goods and services across the Canada-US border. 
  • Vice President Government & Industry Relations at Farrow – Canada’s largest independently owned customs broker Farrow is a billion dollar organization handling over one million transactions each year. 

Ms. Tannous worked for seven years for the Canada Border Services Agency as a Customs and Immigration Officer bringing an in-depth experience to her understanding of immigration and customs laws and regulations.