Tracy Mason

Tracy Mason’s marketing career spans decades across small, medium and Fortune 100 global corporations within energy, technology, education, and media sectors including ExxonMobil Corporation, Apple and AccuWeather, Inc., the Nuclear Energy Institute in Washington DC and now at George Mason University’s College of Science where she is an Assistant Dean of Strategic Communications and Marketing.

In her role as a strategic communications manager for the Criminal Investigations and Network Analysis Center (CINA) at George Mason University, Tracy Mason will be an architect of the CINA U.S. Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence communications plan to establish its brand, develop product and service offerings, design and distribute communications resources and create a calendar of academic and outreach events. In addition, Mrs. Mason will work with CINA researchers to develop relationships with key partners and advisory board members to foster the CINA mission.

As an executive speaker, coach, and trainer, Tracy Mason has lectured to numerous businesses and trade associations around the world. She has helped launch a non-profit, a semi-pro basketball team and nine websites and has secured international and industry-specific press coverage across major print, digital and broadcast outlets. She also specializes in building unique, impactful partnerships between academia and the public/private sectors.

Mason received both her B.A. in Marketing and Public Affairs and M.B.A. in Global Marketing and Entrepreneurship from The Pennsylvania State University and EM Ecole de Management in Lyon, France.